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Tinseltown - The Holiday Movie Podcast

Dec 30, 2019

Robbie, Colleen, Anton, Justin, Flonk, AND the Mayor are all here for this one, debating which two movies should be struck from the New Holiday Canon, and which one should be elevated to Gold Status.

Dec 24, 2019

Emily stops by to help the Mayor close out the 34th Street marathon by looking at the 1994 big flashy remake starring Mara Wilson, who's great. Surely the rest of the movie will rise to meet her? Would that it were so simple.

Dec 17, 2019

This week it's the Mayor, Anton, Colleen, Robbie, AND Justin, taking a look at a reeeeeeal 70s-ass Miracle on 34th Street. Just... Just REAL 70s. This is the first version of the story Justin has ever seen!

Dec 10, 2019

On this EXTREMELY special 100th episode spooktacular, Brian, Colleen, Anton, and Robbie become the first people in WHO KNOWS how long to see the exceptionally rare 1959 made-for-TV version of Miracle on 34th St, starring Ed Wynn and Orson Bean.

Dec 3, 2019

Anton joins the mayor for a look at the aggressively abridged 1955 TV version of Miracle on 34th Street, which features Hans Conreid, Whit Bissell, and in the role of Extra Crazy Santa, Thomas Mitchell.