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Tinseltown - The Holiday Movie Podcast

Dec 27, 2022

Rounding out Category Six month, Emily, Spencer, and Brian look into "The Wizard of Oz", a movie that is weirdly considered a Christmas movie by many people for no particular reason. Emily takes an anti-Toto stance, Spencer smells toast, and Brian tries DESPERATELY to talk about the book only when directly relevant.

Dec 19, 2022

Category six month rolls on with the flimsiest of excuses, as Flonk and I review Deadpool, a sassy comedy about a dude who's rude, crude, with attitude, and also with a weird amount of emotional honesty? Anyway, he says "Christmas" a bunch, so that's what's getting him in here today.

Dec 13, 2022

Brian's all right, Timmy's all right, they just seem a little weird after watching a nearly four hour movie. But do not take us for some conjurer of Cheap Trick, as Tim joins us for that finest of Category Six movies... Movies That Get Associated With Christmas Just Because of Their Release Date. It's LORD OF THE...

Dec 8, 2022

This week, it's a guest in theme month! Devlin joins us to discuss Ken Russell's The Who's Tommy, easily the weirdest movie we've ever done on this show.

Nov 30, 2022

A lengthy hiatus comes to a close, and with it comes Theme Month 2022, where we're looking at movies with the feeblest of Christmas connections! Sound is a little wonky on this one, but who could be upset when Lara and I are drooling over Christopher Plummer in "The Sound of Music", a really long, but really good, but...