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Tinseltown - The Holiday Movie Podcast

Feb 25, 2020

Flonk's here. We're watching Shazam, and nothing is going to go wrong.

Feb 18, 2020

Amanda and AAl of The Death of Podcasts once more join the Mayor to review a Thin Man movie! This one takes place on New Year's Eve, and involves an old lady lounge singer, a thankfully non-stereotyped Chinese restaurateur, and Jimmy James Stewart himself!

Feb 11, 2020

Cartoonsman Nathan LaJeunesse joins the Mayor to talk about a cartoon! But not just any cartoon, it's ARTHUR CHRISTMAS! Yes, the one movie that was unilaterally given gold canon status, which means this is one where your boys are free to goof off, gush over a perfect movie, and make veiled references to the unsettling...

Feb 4, 2020

The Mayor and Who Else But Chant MacLeod take a look at "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus", something off of L. Frank Baum's B-roll. And Rankin Bass's... I don't know, R-roll.