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Tinseltown - The Holiday Movie Podcast

Aug 25, 2020

This week takes us to the pagan holidays universe, where Brian and Courtney look at Midsommar, a movie about what happens when you go with a hippie to a second location.

Aug 20, 2020

Back in the Labor Day universe now, Brian and Emily take an in-depth look at Newsies, the number one source for millennial childhood crushes by volume.

Aug 11, 2020

This week, our transmission comes from the Mardi Gras universe, which, as far as transmissions you can get from Mardi Gras goes, is fairly mild. Robbie and Brian of that world bring you: "The Princess and the Frog"!

Aug 5, 2020

From a universe with terrible sound quality on both ends (sorry), Lara and I review Leap Year, a movie that is MARGINALLY about leap years.